The Wisconsin Special Needs Handbook

Benjamin Scott Wright


The Wisconsin Special Needs Handbook is a guide to special needs planning and trusts for Wisconsin lawyers. It is a work in progress. There is no definitive, state-specific guide to special needs planning in Wisconsin, and so I’ve set out to create one. I’m doing it as much for my own education as anyone else’s.

My goal is not just to write a detailed and eminently practical book, but to make it a timely and valuable resource in every way encompassed by the word. I envision an online book that is immediately updated with new developments and constantly improved; one that integrates video and audio continuing legal education; and one that links to online apps for making calculations and assembling documents. Perhaps my vision will never quite make it to reality. It will certainly take a long time to develop, step by step. But I think it’s worth a go.


Chapter 1
The problems special needs trusts solve and the people they help

Chapter 2
Sources of law

Chapter 3
Drafting special needs trusts

Chapter 4
Funding and implementing special needs trusts

Chapter 5
Managing and using special needs trusts



08/13/2021—Published the cover page, a brief introduction to the project, and an outline of the planned contents.