Co-Counseling & Appeals

I help other Wisconsin attorneys practice elder law.

I co-counsel with other attorneys to help clients with elder law issues.

For attorneys new or inexperienced in elder law, I offer co-counseling. I will provide the expertise and documents needed for matters involving Medicaid or special needs planning. I will help you get started in elder law and learn how to handle these matters on your own.

I specialize in elder law appeals.

For experienced elder law attorneys, I offer my services as a freelance associate, primarily in handling appeals. I handle the entire appeal and, because you bill my work as an associate, you add to your bottom line.

I also take simple referrals of clients needing an appeal at the fair hearing, circuit court, or higher level.

For an example of my work, see: MGE 208717 (07/20/2023) Individual Retirement Annuities of CS exempt.

To learn more about either of these services or ask questions, email me at [email protected] or schedule a phone call by clicking this link.