2.5 Change reporting

DHA Case No. MTI 208493 (Wis. Div. of Hearings and Appeals July 14, 2023) (DHS) ↓ Download PDF To be recoverable, an overpayment must be caused by the recipient’s error—overpayments caused by agency error are not recoverable. In this case, the petitioner misread a notice of FoodShare benefits ending, believing all her benefits were ending. In fact, […] Read more

DHA Case No. MOP 200346 (Wis. Div. of Hearings and Appeals February 10, 2021) (DHS) ↓ Download PDF In an overpayment hearing, the agency has the burden to prove, by the preponderance of the evidence, both that the petitioner failed to provide accurate or complete information and that the petitioner was not eligible during the […] Read more

DHA Case No. MED 67/53178 (Wis. Div. Hearings and Appeals Feb. 28, 2003) (DHS)  ↓ Download PDF In this case, a Medicaid recipient failed to report a divestment that occurred after her initial application was approved and benefits had started. The ALJ held that, despite the failure to report, the overpayment of benefits was not […] Read more