ALJ Sean P. Maloney

DHA Case No. MRA-70/110322 (Wis. Div. of Hearings and Appeals May 19, 2010) (DHS)  ↓ Download PDF This case is an example of using the fair hearing process to increase the Community Spouse Resource Allowance (CSRA) beyond the normal limits. At the time of this case, the maximum CSRA would have been something like $110,000. […] Read more

DHA Case No. MDV 155403 (Wis. Div. Hearings and Appeals Apr. 30, 2014) (DHS)  ↓ Download PDF This decision finds that the exception to divestment for transferring the residence to a caretaker child does not apply when the applicant resides in an assisted living facility for even a short period of time before being approved for Family […] Read more